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How Calvin Responded When Luther Went Full-Out Luther

Besides, you will do yourselves no good by quarreling, except that you may afford some sport to the wicked, so that they may triumph not so much over us as over the Evangel. If they see us rending each other asunder, they then give full credit to what we say, but when with one consent and with one voice we preach Christ, they avail themselves unwarrantably of our inherent weakness to cast reproach upon our faith.

Dinner Church, anyone?

You’ll need a table (or a few tables), some food, a basic liturgy, a welcoming spirit, lots of prayer and patience and grace, and a willingness to do life with a group of neighbors as you orient your lives around Jesus together.

MacArthur, Moore, and Gender

It is important to note that those remarks, while stated by someone who claims to be a proponent of complementarianism, are not a true representation of this viewpoint! Complementarianism does not mean women are inferior, that they are “less” or incapable in any way. Complementarianism does not grant permission to demean a sister or brother in Christ, regardless of their viewpoint. Jesus showed us a better way.

Study: 75 Percent of White Evangelicals Still Approve of Trump

While only 39 percent of Americans give Trump a good approval rating, 75 percent of white evangelicals say they approve of him and, what’s more, 31 percent of that group say there’s “almost nothing” Trump could do to lose their support.

Six reasons Romans 7 is written from the perspective of a post-conversion Christian

  1. Paul’s description of his struggle with sin in Romans 7:14-25 is nowhere found in his pre-conversion testimony or in the description of other Pharisees.
  2. Paul, in Romans 7:5-13, spoke of past realities; in 7:14-25, he speaks of present realities.
  3. Paul distinguishes between the “I” and the “flesh” or “sin” that dwells in him (7:17-22).
  4. Paul delights in the law of God in the inward man (Romans 7:22).
  5. Paul describes this experience in a similar way in Galatians 5:17, and the passage in Galatians clearly refers to believers.
  6. This is my experience.

Undercover reporter reveals life in a Polish troll farm

“The aim is to build credibility with people from both sides of the political divide. Once you have won someone’s trust by reflecting their own views back at them, you are in a position to influence them,” said Wojciech Cieśla, who oversaw the investigation in collaboration with Investigate Europe, a consortium of European investigative reporters.

Lazy horse plays dead every time people try to ride him

The clip shows a horse named Jingang bucking and flopping to the ground whenever someone tries to hop in the saddle. To complete the effect, he even lolls out his tongue and twitches his eyes while prone in what the scorned riders dub a “cute but naughty” performance.

Someone In Colorado Is Putting Out The Funniest Signs Ever, And The Puns Are Priceless (New Pics)

Colorado native Vince Rozmiarek is the man behind these hilariously creative roadside signs, which showcase the kind of laugh/cringe humor that only dads seem to really excel at. What started as an April Fools’ prank has put him and his town, Indian Hills, firmly on the map, with a Facebook page dedicated to the sign having over 90k followers worldwide!

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