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Reporters delve into Dallas judge giving Amber Guyger a Bible and urging her to read John 3:16

The legal experts cited by the Times are helpful. I just wish — as I said in relation to some of the other coverage — that the reporting had included more insight from church-and-state authorities. I don’t know that any of the stories I saw tackled head-on the question of what right the judge has to express her personal religious faith after a trial.

The Lure of Androgyny

One final bit of evidence for the claim that men enjoy less social value today appeared in 2016, via a “lifestyle article” in the New York Times. It unveiled what once would have been a surprising thought: that today’s forward-looking, nontraditional fathers—including Andrew Reiner, the author of the Times piece—would, if they had their druthers, pick daughters over sons. “Some men, like me, fear becoming fathers to sons,” Reiner explained, adding evidence from blogs and websites showing that he was not alone. In addition, he cited the data that well-off white parents who use preimplantation genetic diagnosis select for females 70 percent of the time and that adoptive parents prefer girls over boys by at least a third. In the case of same-sex couples, he reported, that preference is even stronger.

Why Facebook can’t stop politicians from lying

Hovering around this debate is a larger, unspoken concern about our current moment, which is that there is increasingly little penalty in public life for telling any lie at all. Pressing as that issue is, though, it’s unclear what a tech platform ought to do about it.

So, Pat Robertson Says Trump May Lose His ‘Mandate of Heaven’

But the flight from Syria is, apparently, a bridge too far, and Robertson joins a bipartisan chorus of voices expressing grave concerns over Trump’s decision, which has already resulted in a Turkish shelling of farmlands outside a predominantly Christian village. Experts have warned that Christians are among the minorities most at risk from a Turkish invasion, and Christian communities pleaded with U.S. forces to remain in the area earlier this summer.

Just give me a sign

This kind of thinking is modern-day superstition. We try to listen to our experiences; we try to find divine signs and miracles to help us understand who God is, who we are and what we’re supposed to do. But the problem with listening to our experiences is that it means we’re not looking at and listening to Jesus in the Bible. Asking for signs from God and appearing to find them is not looking and listening to Jesus on his terms.

When Trusting Your Husband Means Trusting God

For married ladies, our husbands are wonderful gifts to us, but we should never put them in the place of God or expect them to do what only God can do, or be who only God is. When I think about my husband, I see a handsome, tall guy with broad shoulders who lovingly carries, counsels, and leads our family. But behind him, there’s an infallible God who is completely trustworthy.

If an Organization Was a Person

Before I’m kicked out of the building, we do a quick exercise by visiting the Instagram page of their church. I ask them to count how many of the last ten posts are about the church and how many are about the community or people outside the four walls of the church. Usually, it’s nine to one in favor of the church. Honestly, more often than not, it’s ten to zero.

The Average Worker Spends 51 Percent of Each Workday on These 3 Unnecessary Tasks

  1. Unnecessary Commuting (13 percent)
  2. Unnecessary Meetings (16 percent)
  3. Unnecessary Emails (23 percent)

Man robs bank day before wedding to pay for ring and ceremony, gets caught by fiancée on social media

“His fiancée, who he was supposed to marry tomorrow, was able to get in touch with him on the phone when she saw our post on Facebook. She knew it was him. She contacted him and asked him if he robbed a bank … she convinced him that she knew it was him. His picture was all on Facebook. He needed to turn himself in,” said Wallace in a video posted to his Facebook page.

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