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It’s Past Time to Rethink Modern Sexual Morality

The practical result of consent-focused morality is the sexualization of everything. With the line drawn at desire alone, there is no longer any space that’s sex-free. Work meetings or restaurants can be creative locations for steamy liaisons. Not even marriage or existing relationships stand as a firewall against potential hookups. The problem, of course, is that people don’t walk around broadcasting their desires. We don’t have a flashing “yes” or “no” that hovers over our heads. So someone has to make the ask. Someone has to make the move. Consent is determined by the request, and in a completely sexualized culture, the request can come at any time, anywhere, and from any person you encounter — regardless of the power imbalance or the propriety of the location.

Research Reveals the 5 Biggest Influencers on Your Child’s Spiritual Health

  1. The child regularly reads his/her Bible while growing up.
  2. The child regularly spends time in prayer growing up.
  3. The child regularly served in church while growing up.
  4. The child listens primarily to Christian music.
  5. The child participates in church mission trips and projects.

The Future of Truth and Misinformation Online

Their reasoning revealed a wide range of opinions about the nature of these threats and the most likely solutions required to resolve them. But the overarching and competing themes were clear: Those who do not think things will improve felt that humans mostly shape technology advances to their own, not-fully-noble purposes and that bad actors with bad motives will thwart the best efforts of technology innovators to remedy today’s problems.

Impostor syndrome

The big reason is that we’re all impostors. You’re not imagining that you’re an impostor, it’s likely that you are one.
Everyone who is doing important work is working on something that might not work. And it’s extremely likely that they’re also not the very best qualified person on the planet to be doing that work.

Confessions Of An Impostor

One of imposter syndrome’s frustrating ironies is that actual frauds rarely seem to experience this phenomenon. English philosopher Bertrand Russell put it more poetically: “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.”

Doctor’s orders: The case nominating Charcandrick West for Chiefs Man of the Year

That led to some email correspondence with the Shriners Hospital for Children — Shreveport, where Thomas Pressly diagnosed West with systemic juvenile arthritis and rescued him at 14 years old from hopeless weeks of the unknown while being virtually unable to move without suffering acute pain.
The grateful West has made it a point to give back and lend his support to the Arthritis Foundation in numerous ways, including last summer taking part in a video (“Body of Steel”) with 10-year-old Kansas Citian Jillian Reid to help raise awareness and funds.
He also is host to camps for kids on behalf of the Shreveport hospital, where he is seeking to create annual events.

Why Nerds and Nurses Are Taking Over the U.S. Economy

The fastest-growing jobs through 2026 belong to what one might call the Three Cs: care, computers, and clean energy. No occupation is projected to add more workers than personal-care aides, who perform non-medical duties for older Americans, such as bathing and cooking. Along with home-health aides, these two occupations are projected to create 1.1 million new jobs in the next decade. Remarkably, that’s 10 percent of the total 11.5 million jobs that the BLS expects the economy to add. Clean-energy workers, like solar-panel installers and wind-turbine technicians, are the only occupations that are expected to double by 2026. Mathematicians and statisticians round out the top-10 list.

A new American revolution is starting in New England—against Daylight Saving Time

If the purpose of time is indeed coordination, there should be fewer time zones and no time changes. I have proposed moving the continental United States to two time zones and ending seasonal time changes. Granted, this would mean even more dark hours in Maine, since it would be on the same time zone as Texas. But the world already de facto operates on fewer time zones. Plenty of conference calls feature people in London, New York, and San Francisco without too much trouble. And there’s evidence that people adapt their schedules to TV, not the sun.

Candidate falls for hoax, proposes drug-sniffing police bunnies

When asked about drugs at a Phoenixville mayoral forum, Republican nominee Dave Gautreau proposed that, if elected, he would look into getting drug-sniffing bunnies for the borough police department.

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