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Behind the Smile: 6 Things Every Church Needs to Know About the Preacher’s Wife

  • I want to love you. Please don’t make it harder.
  • I wish you saw the man I see.
  • I am ready to fight.
  • It is often unbearable to have our every word and action affect our financial security.
  • Sometimes he needs a friend.
  • I just want to love the Lord.

Words As Brushstrokes

What if words painted the picture of your life and could actually change the appearance of who you are? If each word you speak is a stroke of a brush on the canvas of your life, what does this painting look like? In some very real way the words we speak influence everyone around us but they influence us most.

When You Feel Insignificant

This painful loneliness can actually be a furnace that will shape you into the image of Jesus. Yes, the furnace is hot and uncomfortable. However, God can use these moments to refine us into someone He can use for His kingdom purposes.

I will never go again

I am through with football. I have been watching games and going to high school and college games for a long time now. I have seen hundreds if not thousands of plays, touchdowns, fumbles, and injuries. I am tired of football. It has nothing to do with whether my team(s) lost or not this weekend. I have ten reasons I am finished…

Be Yourself in Prayer

It’s never too late to be yourself. God is looking for a relationship with us, not whomever it is that we are trying to act like when we come to him. Prayer starts with our adoption in Christ. That’s why Jesus taught us to begin with God as “Our Father.” There is an intimate reverence there — a humble familiarity.

The Ten Commandments For Using Modern Media

  • Thou shalt not fear boredom
  • Thou shalt not “multitask” (not until thy kingdom come, thy homework be done)
  • Thou shalt not WILF (WILF describes the “What Was I Looking For” phenomenon of using Google to look for one thing, and then burning two hours hunting down random and unimportant facts)
  • Thou shalt not text and drive (or talk, or sleep)
  • Thou shalt keep the Sabbath a screen-free day
  • Thou shalt keep thy bedroom a media-free zone
  • Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s upgrade
  • Thou shalt set thy accounts to “Private”
  • Thou shalt bring no media to thy dinner
  • Thou shalt bring no dinner to thy media

Dallas Newspaper Picks the Wrong Week for its “Taste of Africa Comes to Dallas!” Cover

Dallas Weekly, one of the city’s main black-owned newspapers, just published its latest issue online. The issue date suggests the cover was designed pre-ebola, but the timing of the email blast they just put out is… unfortunate.

Teacher dressed up as pirate prompted Richlands lockdown

A cafeteria worker spotted the man outside the school and reported him as a suspicious person to the office, which prompted the lockdown of that school and three others nearby.
According to a sheriff’s office incident report released Wednesday, the worker mistook a plastic sword for a gun.

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