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For Most of Gen Z, Religion Is a Regular Part of Public School Life

Around 67 percent of teenagers surveyed said they see at least some sort of religious expression at public school on a regular basis. In this survey, religious expression included things like wearing clothing with religious symbols (like an Islamic headscarf), praying before a sporting event or eating lunch, inviting someone else to a religious service or just reading religious literature outside of class.

The Biggest Demographic Churches Are Missing

The weekend workforce is not a future trend; it is a staggering present reality. Some churches will adjust and seek to reach these workers. Others will continue doing business as usual.

The discipline of listening

There is a time for advice, and there is a time to shut up and listen. It’s a challenge to discern when those times are right, and I’ve sometimes spoken too strongly without fully trying to listen. At other times, I’ve made the opposite mistake, passively listening when I should have spoken words of gentle yet honest admonishment.

3 Valuable Lessons Nursing Home Visitation Taught Me

In a culture that places an inordinate value on youth and image, caring for those who lack both can be a lost art in church ministry. Pastors who practice this art, however, will come to see how church members who are most connected to the past can have a positive impact on shepherding the local church in the present, as well as the future.

Two Words That Could End Your Marriage

We haven’t just theoretically believed in an idea. We have ardently trusted in an ideal. That is, an ideal person: The One. If you bought into this ideal, these two words might have put your marriage on a trajectory for failure before it started.

Why Americans Smile So Much

People in the more diverse countries also smiled for a different reason than the people in the more homogeneous nations. In the countries with more immigrants, people smiled in order to bond socially. Compared to the less-diverse nations, they were more likely to say smiles were a sign someone “wants to be a close friend of yours.” But in the countries that are more uniform, people were more likely to smile to show they were superior to one another.

IRS: Sorry, but It’s Just Easier and Cheaper to Audit the Poor

On the one hand, the IRS said, auditing poor taxpayers is a lot easier: The agency uses relatively low-level employees to audit returns for low-income taxpayers who claim the earned income tax credit. The audits — of which there were about 380,000 last year, accounting for 39% of the total the IRS conducted — are done by mail and don’t take too much staff time, either. They are “the most efficient use of available IRS examination resources,” Rettig’s report says.

NASA Says Earth Is Greener Today Than 20 Years Ago Thanks To China, India

Both China and India went through phases of large scale deforestation in the 1970s and 80s, clearing old growth forests for urban development, farming and agriculture. However, it is clear that when presented with a problem, humans are incredibly adept at finding a solution. When the focus shifted in the 90s to reducing air and soil pollution and combating climate change the two countries made tremendous shifts in their overall land use.

Sportsmanship on full display as runner carries exhausted rival over finish line at IAAF World Championships

With just a few hundred meters left, Aruban athlete Jonathan Busby slowed to a walk and was nearly doubled over, likely from cramping. Fellow runner Braima Suncar Dabó, from the small West African nation of Guinea-Bissau, came up to Busby and grabbed his arm, and the two began shuffling together around the final turn. After several steps Dabó lifted Busby’s left arm and put it around his shoulder, holding him up.

Amazon exec promoting new Echo Buds wears AirPods during TV interview

Amazon shouldn’t feel like it’s the first to make this mistake then. It won’t be the last, either. But, please, if you’re in charge of showing off a rival product, just take a second to make sure there’s no Apple device on your person. And this is coming from an Apple fan!

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