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Teens Would Rather Text Their Friends Than Talk to Them in Person

But teens also seem to be a bit more savvy online than adults may give them credit for: 72% of those surveyed said they believe tech companies manipulate users to spend more time on their devices. And for as much hand-wringing as adults do over the amount of time teens spend on their phones, they’re looking right back across the void. A full 33% of those surveyed said they wished their parents would spend less time using their devices.

Fidget spinners, weighted blankets, and the rise of anxiety consumerism

Here is the truth that goes largely unspoken in the growing space where capitalism meets mental health: None of it actually solves the underlying problem, even if it helps assuage the symptoms.

Is Social Justice a Gospel Issue?

As in so many controversies, we must be quicker to define our terms than to define our opponents. No doubt, there are real disagreements worth exploring and exposing. But there also may be more agreement than some might initially imagine.
Depending on our definitions, social justice and the gospel may be miles apart, or they may be as close as loving God by obeying his commands (John 14:15).

Jesus’ Controversial Approach to Food and Eating

This Supper we celebrate today is a way to remember the ways Jesus approached eating.
He welcomes all to this meal, even those who believe they’re too sinful. Are we willing to receive God’s welcome even if we feel unrighteous? Are we longing for those we consider unrighteous to join this meal with us?

Eight Differences between Church Giving and Church Dues

The attitudes in which church members gave were easily divided into two categories: church giving and church dues. In simplest term, church giving is an act where the member lets go of the funds with no reservations. He or she truly gives the money to God through the church. Church dues, though, have strings attached. They are not as much gifts as they are membership dues to receive certain rights and perks.

Ethiopia-Eritrea Border Reopens, 20 Years After War And Bad Blood

Some analysts have compared the events to fall of the Berlin Wall, NPR’s Eyder Peralta reported. Families that were separated on either side of the border are finally able to reconnect.

Meet the other empty nesters. They’re dogs and they miss the kids, too

Terri Bright, director of behavior services at MSPCA-Angell , said that not only do dogs “absolutely” miss people, but a depressed dog acts like a person who’s down.
They don’t eat as much. They sleep more. They’re not as enthusiastic. “They seem sad, but they can’t tell us,” she said.

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