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Stop Getting Mad at People Who Question Change

Getting mad at people who question change does not help the process of change. Those who are truly malicious are typically small in number. When people have questions about change, it does not necessarily mean that they are questioning your leadership. It’s likely they just have questions. In fact, the only leaders who go unquestioned are despots.

Church Planting Series: Should Churches “Plant Pregnant” Today?

This is why I believe that all new churches should make planting a value from day one. From the beginning, your church should have the intention and plans to multiply. Even if it takes a bit longer to plant a brand new church, your church can still live out principles of church planting in small ways.

Church Planting Series: How Can Your Church Get Involved in Church Planting?

You can probably predict how this story ends. God ultimately used our planting to grow all three churches. His math often looks different than ours, and somehow our mother church ended up growing more than both of the two new churches. Soon our church was thriving again and we felt great about our decision to be involved in planting.

5 Mistakes Church Leaders Make When Attendance Declines

  1. Stopping New Initiatives
  2. Ignoring an Old Problem
  3. Adding New Staff
  4. Making large-scale purchases
  5. Blaming Something—or Someone—Else

Seven Points of Prayer: How We Revitalized Our Staff Meetings

The plan was simple. Every week one staff person would submit seven specific prayer requests. Here is the catch: These requests had to be personal.

Pledging Allegiance to the Messiah’s Kingdom – The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer, prayed daily with purpose and commitment, will transform us. Through this prayer, we acknowledge God’s transcendence, commit ourselves to God’s agenda, and embrace a new way of living in the world that conforms to God’s will, honor God’s name, and manifest God’s kingdom. Through this prayer, we trust in God’s daily provisions for our lives, receive God’s forgiveness as we forgive others, and embrace God’s protection against the evil one. Through this prayer, we pledge our allegiance to God, and we remember God’s pledge to us.

One of the Most Important Decisions You Will Ever Make

I started thinking about my three grandsons (ages 3-9). What would I tell them if they were to one day ask me about marriage? I do think I might tell them the following:

  1. Marry someone who can be your spiritual companion.
  2. Marry someone for whom you do not need to make a lengthy explanation to justify your decision.
  3. Marry someone who will allow you to be transparent about him/her and about the relationship.
  4. Marry someone who (if you are blessed with children) will provide real spiritual leadership to your children.

Your Navigation App Is Making Traffic Unmanageable

But now online navigation apps are in charge, and they’re causing more problems than they solve. The apps are typically optimized to keep an individual driver’s travel time as short as possible; they don’t care whether the residential streets can absorb the traffic or whether motorists who show up in unexpected places may compromise safety.

21-Year-Old College Student Runs Texas Hotel Alone…For 32 Hours…During A Tropical Storm

That’s not all he did. He also took on maintenance, housekeeping, and chef duties… But Smith’s selflessness did not end inside the confines of the hotel. Noticing that many truckers were trapped outside due to closed roads, Smith and other guests stepped into the storm to distribute water and food to stranded motorists.

6th grader scores 27 on ACT, plans on taking it again

A 12-year-old in Mississippi is breaking the internet after she scored a 27 on her ACT last year. “I plan on taking it again. I want to aim higher.” After scoring 27 on her ACT, as a sixth-grader, Kristen Rhodes says this is just the beginning.

‘We got high together’: Wrong number leads to hilarious text exchange with police officer

The response says, “I would love to go to the game tonight! Sadly I think you have the wrong number. :(” The person insists the two went to the game together, mentioning Shari and Diana and the fact that they “got high together.” It’s then that the receiver reveals he is, in fact, a police officer, with a quick selfie flashing his badge: “Pretty sure we didn’t get high together.” Oops!

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