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“No More of This!” (Why Jesus Armed and Disarmed Peter)

Jesus did not arm his disciples so they could fight; Jesus armed his disciples so that prophecy would be fulfilled and so he could disarm them! Jesus allowed those arresting him to falsely assume he was a violent revolutionary (as the prophecy in Isaiah says); but when his disciples actually attempted to employ violence, Jesus stopped them.

Yet another ex-ex-gay leader apologizes — but no one really investigates facts in this story

Game was in the closet until 1993 when he became a Christian and tried to live a hetero existence; getting married and having two children. His wife (and they are still married), Julie Game refused to be interviewed. That fact sends up a red flag for me. If this turnabout is so wonderful, why isn’t she applauding it? Hope for Wholeness also wouldn’t be quoted, even though it operates in some 15 states, according to the article.

What Christians Don’t Want to Admit About Celibacy and Homosexuality

Shouting, “One man, one woman!” louder and louder isn’t the answer. The answer involves a careful examination of American community, a look into the reasons why denying the right to marry has become synonymous with denying the right to love, and a willingness to fix these problems, at least within the church.

LGBT Activists: Drew Brees Promoting The Bible Is Homophobic

Brees, a man of conviction and religious faith, should not be held to the moral and social standards of people who choose to express their views through actual, tangible hatred and literal intolerance. Conservative Christians do not deserve public shaming, shunning and baseless accusations simply for promoting their faith to their own community.

Why I’m Still an Evangelical

Yet over and over again, I come back to Peter’s response. Where else would I go? And it’s not because this was how I was raised, or I am afraid of what people will think, or this is what is comfortable. I believe because there is no where else to go. Again and again, I explore other belief systems. Again and again, I ask myself the hard questions. And again I am convinced: This is the Truth. What the Bible teaches is Truer Truth than any other belief system I have encountered.

Another Learning Experience

If you arrive at university this year and find yourself settled and growing in a good student church, then that will be fantastic. But before you do that, why not take a second look at some of the other churches a little further afield? You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

In Search of a Better Land: A World on the Move and a Church on Mission

  • Takeaway #1: God is sovereign over migration.
  • Takeaway #2: How we receive the foreigner will determine how the foreigner perceives our God.
  • Takeaway #3: The great migration attunes our hearts and lives to the theological reality that we too are migrants longing for a better world.

There’s a $218 billion design problem sitting in your fridge right now

There’s a nice piece of fruit in your refrigerator right now. Perhaps it’s a veggie. Or a boneless skinless chicken breast. Whatever it is, you’re definitely going to eat it. You’re not a food waster! But here’s the truth: There’s only a 50% chance, or worse, that you’ll finish any of those things, in their entirety, a week later. The rest will only be partially eaten, or perhaps prepared and sitting in your fridge as leftovers. In any case, much of that remaining 50% will end up in the trash soon, representing lost money and one of the greatest contributors to carbon emissions and climate change.

Texas Popeye’s ran out of chicken sandwiches, man pulls gun

Police say a man pulled a gun at a Popeyes restaurant in Houston after being told they were out of chicken sandwiches.

Maid of honor wears T-Rex costume to sister’s wedding: ‘I regret nothing’

In a hilarious Facebook post, Meador shared a photo of herself on the big day in full Tyrannosaurus rex ensemble, dutifully holding her sunflower bouquet. “When you’re maid of honor and told you can wear anything you choose…I regret nothing,” Meador captioned the photo.

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