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Despite the fact that the Bible doesn’t spend a lot of time talking about the whys behind evil events, it’s natural that we seek explanations. Our society doesn’t tend to believe in fate; we feel that we are the masters of our environment, able to shape the course of our lives. Because of this, we seek explanations in order to seek solutions.

After the Newtown tragedy, some have pointed fingers at easy access to guns. Others (not including Morgan Freeman) have blamed the media, saying that the focus on killers and mass murderers makes violence attractive to those seeking fame. Some have emphasized the killer’s mental illness, arguing that this event highlights the need for more and better treatment for those suffering from such conditions. Others have argued that the lack of religious teaching in school is to blame. Some have noted the effects of a broken home.

It bears saying once again: big problems rarely have simple solutions. If we point to any one of these things and say, “Here’s the problem. Fix it and these incidents will go away,” we’re just kidding ourselves.

Tragedies like that at Sandy Hook Elementary have a multitude of causes. I think all of the things mentioned above come into play (though I remain strongly opposed to prayer in school, beyond that which already exists). We need to look at gun control and mental health. We need to examine how these tragedies are reported (as well as our fascination with death and violence in TV shows and movies). We need to teach morality in our schools (and teach spirituality in our homes). We need to strengthen families and teach that marriage is “until death do us part.”

There is one problem/solution that has been mentioned that I heartily agree with. It’s not a matter of what we need, it’s who we need. Jesus. The problems of society can have bandaids applied to them, but the only real solution is the transformation brought about by the Son of God.

Pray. Tell people about God and his goodness. And do your best to live like Jesus. That’s not all we can/should do, but it is the most effective best. (Edited at 9:51 a.m. — I originally said “most effective,” which is poor word choice. Much of what is right isn’t effective, especially in the eyes of the world.)

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4 thoughts on “Looking for answers

  1. laymond

    “Pray. Tell people about God and his goodness. And do your best to live like Jesus. That’s not all we can/should do, but it is the most effective.”

    Do you really think so Tim ? Jesus was Jesus, and look at what happened to him, one of the most violent deaths ever. Evil, only understands laws, and enforcement of those laws.There will always be Evil, until Jesus returns to gather God’s crop, then and only then will the law be fully enforced, and evil given his due. Until then we have to make and enforce laws to protect the inocent, and not the rich among us. We need to make laws to restrict (as best we can) the tools of evil. Yes we invent tools for good, then evil turns those tools against us. as I have said we are arms of good or evil, and what we have in our hand is an extention of us.

  2. Tim Archer Post author

    Yes, Laymond, my choice of the word “effective” was pretty poor. I probably should have said, “That’s the best we can do.” I think I’ll make an edit, but duly noted that you commented before the edit.

    And I did say that’s not all we can or should do. I hope that society will work on creating more justice. But I also know that the true changes that need to come about are spiritual ones.

  3. laymond

    ” But I also know that the true changes that need to come about are spiritual ones.”

    Aaahh, if we could only count on that happening, but as we know, both you and I, there are both good and evil spirits as well– how do we know? the bible tells us so.

  4. Vern

    Repent. Before something worse happens. If it is not evil, then natural disasters and “accidents” can come upon anybody at anytime. If not sickness, then eventually old age and death. No one gets out of here alive. Think about it. Repenting doesn’t save you from or out of calamity but from the the judgement to come. We all have plenty to repent of daily. These are just reminders. They are not worse sinners than we are.

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