Make this world great again

I’ll interrupt my series because something must be said about President Trump’s statements yesterday regarding immigrants from developing nations. Since the election of Donald Trump, I’ve committed myself to being guided by 1 Peter 2:17 and similar passages. I avoid criticizing the president himself because of this passage. I’m also aware that such statements tend to be seen as partisan, as if I were supporting another party or candidate.

But with all the uproar from yesterday’s vulgar remarks, I want to state a few things clearly, directing my remarks to Christians who live in the U.S.:

  • If the only thing about the president’s remarks that bothers you is the fact that he used a vulgarity, then something is very wrong.
  • If you’re willing to explain away the president’s remarks because you agree with his politics, something is very wrong.
  • The United States is not a church and should not be expected to act like one. But we Christians are the church, 24/7, and must never forget that.
  • If greatness for one country comes at the expense of other peoples, then we Christians cannot promote such greatness. We are Kingdom people first and members of some nation of this world second.

Much more could be said. Probably should be said. But it’s hard for me to say much more without violating the principles I wrote about in the first paragraph.

Pray for Africa. Pray for Haiti. Pray for all the nations of this world. May God make this world great again.

2 thoughts on “Make this world great again

  1. Larry Cheek 2013

    Tim, we must also take into account that there are accusations made that are not true. It seems almost impossible that the President could make a remark as has been stated and several more of the participants setting close by not have also heard the same comment. I appears to me that each and every one in the meeting has an obligation to hear and understand the communications . If that is true then there may be some liars in the group.

  2. Tim Archer Post author

    There are undoubtedly liars in the group, Larry. Or should we be surprised to learn that politicians spin the truth? If it makes you feel better, cling to that. I note that senators from both sides immediately reported what Trump had said while two GOP senators denied it several days later. Seems awfully convenient to me.

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