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Censorious or pastoral?

TTS: Man, what’s the matter with you?
MLJ: Well, it’s all very well to make these criticisms of the liberals, but he doesn’t help me spiritually.
TTS: Surely you are helped by the way he makes mincemeat of the liberals.
MLJ: No, I am not. You can make mincemeat of the liberals and still be in trouble in your own soul.

Lessons for Preachers Searching for a Job, Part 1

I’ve never been in fulltime ministry. For that matter, I’ve not searched for a job since, well, ever.
I practice for a law firm that’s a successor to a firm I clerked for while in law school.
So I’m hardly an expert on how a minister (or anyone else) should go about searching for a job. But I’ve been involved in many, many minister searches. I know something about that process, and so maybe these few observations will be of help, even though surely very incomplete.

Borrowing Wisdom

Through the past few weeks of ongoing grief at losing Angi one capability at a time, I’ve been blessed by words of wisdom from many people, when I could not muster any wisdom of my own.

Training Volunteers for Immigration Detention Programs

“For decades, there has been widespread and genuine ignorance of the U.S. government’s practice of detaining asylum seekers, victims of human trafficking, and other immigrants with longstanding community ties,” said Christina Fialho, co-executive director of CIVIC. “But if each visitor volunteer could recruit just one more person to the movement, our immigration detention facilities would no longer be invisible to the community.”

Why Do We Hate the Suburbs?

I am prepared to say the unthinkable: suburbs are good. Stay with me now. While suburbs have suffered decades of derogatory propaganda, there is still much to be commended. In fact, I wonder if the only reason we think suburbs are bad is because we were told they were bad and we believed it.

Report: Mom has son arrested for stealing her Pop-Tarts

When officers arrived around 6:15 p.m. Monday night, the 37-year-old woman told officers to arrest her juvenile son.
According to the report, the boy “stole Pop-Tarts belonging to his mother at their home.”

Repentant thief leaves money and apology note for years of stolen beers

The Cincinnati Enquirer explains that the note explained that the longtime beer thief had recently found religion and wanted to make things right.
“Dear homeowner,” the note read. “Enclosed is a sum of cash that my friends and I owe you and your family to repay you for all of the times we have stolen from your poolside fridge/bar over the past few years.”
“I hope you will accept my most sincere apology for trespassing as well as feeling entitled to take what was not mine,” the note continues. “The amount is a rough estimate, and I realize no amount will completely satisfy the anger you may have.”

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