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Putting Words Into God’s Mouth

Just because someone says a famous person said something, doesn’t mean they actually did. We’ve seen example after example of that on the Internet. One person misquoting another is far too common.

It happens with God, too. People stand up and say, “God likes this” or “God hates that,” when God never said anything of the sort. Even Christians end up misquoting God or putting words into God’s mouth.

The Other Side of Evangelism: The Importance of Receiving Those God Sends Our Way

Here are a few things that can make someone never want to return:
1. No one speaks with them in any meaningful way
2. They feel they are unequal
3. They are made to stand out
4. They are made uncomfortable
5. Don’t interrogate them
6. Followup with them if they provide information
7. Don’t say you are glad they are there unless you really are glad they are there
8. Find balance between overwhelming and underwhelming…just “whelm” them, nothing more nothing less
9. Be aware of what your surroundings communicate

John’s Gospel: Chapter 6 — A Note on Communion

As suggested in the last few posts, Jesus was not speaking about communion. Rather, communion speaks about the same things that Jesus was speaking about. The lesson isn’t that Jesus’ disciples would one day take the Lord’s Supper. Not even close. The lesson is that Jesus’ disciples would be so in love with Jesus and his teachings that Jesus and his teachings and his spiritual presence would be food and drink for them.

For truly important problems

You know something is important when you’re willing to let someone else take the credit if that’s what it takes to get it done.

(That’s the whole article; have to love Seth Godin’s knack for being concise!)

Why Does The Latina Shopper Matter?

Latinos are the youngest ethnic group in America and are rapidly embracing digital media for shopping and entertainment. To that end, 60% of Latinos turn to the Internet to make purchases and, according to a survey conduced by Hispanidad, a division of Heinrich Marketing, 38% of Hispanics find English language ads less effective than Spanish ads, thus preferring Spanish-language media to English. When it comes to television, for instance, Univision remains on top as the fifth-ranking network in the United States, behind ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. What does this mean for brands and to the Latina consumer? It means that language matters and hence considering culturally relevant Spanish-language content is paramount when reaching Hispanics.

Travel Agent, Huh?

I was curious about the actual use of travel agents out there, so I had Mrs. Deals conduct a little poll with her twitter account to see if people out there use a travel agent. The results were pretty expected, nearly 100% of you said no way. Of course, there were some folks who have the mandatory use of a travel agent for work travel, but I am focused on the leisure stuff. I can’t remember if I’ve ever used a travel agent, I mean why would I when I practically married one. What I am really trying to figure out is, is it worth it?
Now I know there are lots of folks less savvy than most of you reading this, so I wonder, if you think about your parents, their friends, “older” folks, do you think it’s more common?

Deputies: Animal control officer busted for swiping Chihuahua from elderly nun

Then the two women got their MoJo working and got into a tug-of-war over the dog, pulling the dog back-and-forth, until the nun, fearing the dog could get hurt and concerned about her own health issues, let Holland take the pooch, according to the release.

White House answers Death Star petition: No.

Plus, Shawcross points out: “Why would we spend countless taxpayer dollars on a Death Star with a fundamental flaw that can be exploited by a one-man starship?” (Cue speculation that China has built an X-Wing fighter).

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