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New Testament Anti-smackdown

If the Messiah was to be the one who would set everything right and establish a reign of peace and justice (Shalom) and restoration of the created order, why would God pick a largely powerless individual, in a weakened culture in an occupied state to make his point about who the Messiah was and what he would bring?

Rand Paul: Jesus was anti-war
“I believe individuals and countries can and should defend themselves, but I simply can’t imagine Jesus at the head of any army of soldiers and I think as Christians we need to be wary of the doctrine of preemptive war,” he said. “We must and should stand with our fellow Christians in the Middle East and around the world, but that does not necessarily mean war and it certainly does not mean arming sides in every conflict.”

Christians, Alcohol, Freedom, and Wisdom

I think my friend is very wise. For the same reasons, my wife has chosen not to drink. I think my wife is wise too and out of respect for her decision, I never try to get my wife to take a drink. Even though I occasionally enjoy a beer, I don’t look down on people who choose not to drink. Unfortunately, my friend feels that he is sometimes looked down upon by other Christians who do drink because he practices abstinence. This is unfortunate and sad.

Does College Cause Young Adults to Lose Their Faith?

Research from the University of Texas-Austin delivers more good news, finding that young people who avoid college “exhibit the most extensive patterns of religious decline” compared to those who do attend college. They explain the loss of faith among the non-college attending young adults has little to do with secularizing ideology, but simply results from a lack of intentionality and direction in their lives. Those who seem to drift through these formative and transitional years with no definite goals or plans likely bring this same attitude and action to their faith life.

Response to Exodus International’s Decisions

We believe that true faith in Christ leads to obedience as a fruit of the Holy Spirit; and that, when believers succumb to sin, they must repent. We regard the Bible as God’s inspired word and as the highest authority in matters of faith and practice. We also recognize the role of church tradition for safeguarding Scripture and its moral code.

Who Is the Hero of Your Sermon?

Every sermon has a hero. Every message points to some kind of rescue from financial, relational, or ethical plight. Few would argue that someone other than Christ should be this rescuer – this hero – in every sermon. But many of us think we are pointing people toward Christ, when in fact we are not. We may talk about Jesus a lot in our sermons, but ultimately we point our people toward something or someone else.

The Onion’s Tips For Securing The U.S.–Mexico Border

Optimize your border security by encrypting your VPN with a WPA2 security code and segmenting your networks according to ISA IEC 62443 standards

The Pace of Modern Life

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