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Welcome The Holy Family

Immigration policy that respects the sovereignty of the family makes it possible for husbands and wives, and their children, to obtain visas together easily, even when only one parent will work. Respecting the family means finding alternatives to deportation when families will be torn apart by it. And government always has the responsibility to ensure that all workers can earn a just wage, one which allows them to be open to life, and to support the children God gives them.

A Friend of Sinners and No Friend of Sin

The gospel–if we are talking about the true gospel–works through repentance and relationships. We need both. Jesus had relationships with sinners and tax collectors. And through those relationships what did he call them to do? He didn’t say call them to self-expression, or invite them to despise religious people, or summon them to eat, drink, and be merry (in our language: eat, drink, and be tolerant). He called them to repentance.

Life is hard, and then you die…

But I disagree with the outlook. I do not think it is bad news, and I do not think it is a matter of a bad time getting worse.
I see it as a message of hope because I believe in Jesus. I believe he is the answer to surviving a hard life. I think he is key to a life of joy, peace, hope, and purpose – no matter what happens in this life.

Judge tells living man that he’s still legally dead

Life can be tough, especially when a judge says you’re dead in the eyes of the law.
That’s exactly what happened to Ohio resident Donald Eugene Miller Jr. on Monday when a judge upheld a 1994 court ruling declaring the 61-year-old legally dead.
The Courier reports that 19 years ago, a court in Hancock County declared Miller legally dead eight years after he disappeared from his rental home.
As a result, Miller has lost his Social Security number and his driver’s license.
Judge Allan Davis called it a “strange, strange situation,” but he also said the court cannot budge in its decision.

Chinese explorer Zheng He may have discovered America before Columbus, according to new book

Menzies says that the Chinese map, found in a bookstore and created in the 18th century, is attributed to Chinese Admiral Zheng He and shows a detailed map of America dating back to 1418. That would place Zheng He’s efforts some 70 years ahead of Columbus. In fact, Menzies says Columbus used a copy of Zheng He’s map to plot his own voyage.

To Help During Shutdown, Man Mows Lawn Around Lincoln Memorial

Cox told the Post that he was not taking a political position by keeping up public lands.
“The building behind me serves as a moral compass, not only for our country but for the world. And over my dead body are we going to find trash pouring out of these trash cans,” he said. “At the end of the day, we are the stewards of these buildings that are memorials.”
The Post reports that U.S. Park Police told him to stop mowing the lawn.

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