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Sports vs. Church

Could there be a better way? What if we ALL joined together and said, “NO! No more sports on Sundays!”? When we were kids, there was never anything scheduled on Sundays. We never had to choose between sports and church. Sundays were saved for church and family and gathering with friends. Can we reclaim our Sundays if we all worked together?

Too Many Words

I am not using language that is impure, foul, or crude. I am not speaking words of anger. I am, however, learning that I am unintentionally offending people when I speak without forethought. I offend when I use humor at inappropriate times or settings. I offend when I reply in sarcasm. I offend when I get defensive and stop listening. Please forgive me.

Top Ten Mistakes Christian Parents of Teens Make

You are a Christian before you are a Christian parent (or any other role). Get real with God, share your own struggles and hypocrisy with your entire family, and maybe then God will begin to use your example in a positive and powerful way.

Worship Leader Resolutions

Worship leaders need more catchphrases to really engage the congregation. There are different levels.
Beginner: Come on, get your hands together!
Intermediate: Shout it out, church!
Novice: Now put those worship cookies in the oven and watch them bake!
Expert: You are now free to move about the cabin of praise!
Advanced: Giddy-up, giddy-up, giddy-up, let’s go!

These Are A Few Of Your Favorite Things (In Photos)

In December, for our ongoing community “Public Square” photo project with KPCC, we asked you to photograph and share some of your favorite things — and tag them #PSMyFavoriteThings.
Surprisingly (or maybe not) there’s only one iPhone in the batch. (Thank you @phatkatblues for your honesty!) For the most part, you love your photos, family heirlooms, artifacts that jog the memory, and little things you’ve been gifted.
Here are some of your photos.

New Report Confirms You Are Most Interesting, Most Important Individual On Earth

Drawing from the results of a six-year study that carefully analyzed thousands of hours of your actions and conversations, the 220-page report concluded that your ideas and opinions far surpass those of the other 7.1 billion people on the planet in terms of substance, depth, and general importance to the world.

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