More Friday pun-ishment

Hoping that a bit of humor isn’t out of place on Good Friday, I’ll pass on something that Keith Brenton sent me via Facebook. (And yes, the floodgates are now officially open. If you want to submit some bad puns for Fridays in the Kitchen, please feel free to do so)

Next time you have a Friday-humor terrible pun need … my late dad used to tell a convoluted story-joke about an island native chief who captured a coveted ivory throne but madd the mistake of stowing it away from the other tribes by hiding it in the attic of his grass hut, from whence it fell through and crushed him. The moral: “People who live in grass houses shouldn’t stow thrones.

He also told one about a great pine tree demi-god to which baked goods were tossed by the medieval villagers at the harvest festival, when a visitor made the mistake of sacrificing cinnamon swirls to it and was angrily thrashed to death by its branches, cones and needles. The village priest solemnly intoned, “Cast not your swirls before the pine.

I’d heard the first one. Even heard Rick Atchley use it as a sermon intro at Pepperdine Lectures. But the second was new to me.

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