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A Facebook group that I’m part of, called Compadres, is having a blog tour. The general theme is The Glory of The Son and each of us will pick a story, event or teaching of Jesus that reflects His glory. Here are the posts so far:
June 3: Jeremy Schopper: Leaving the Noise Behind
June 5: Danny Holman: Jesus Challenge
June 10: Carl Jenkins: Give A Man A Fish
June 17: Jonathan Dobbs: Why Me, God?
June 19: Scott Elliott:The Beauty of the Gospel
June 24: Chris Hodges: The Glory of the Son
June 26: David Smith: then they can see my glory, which you gave me
July 1: Jeremy Hoover: Matthew and Mission
July 3: Allen Carr: The Glory in the Welcome
July 10: Daniel Burns: Not So With You
July 15: Rex Butts: A Place For Lepers
July 22: Jennifer Rundlett: A Vision of Harmony
July 24: Don Middleton: Come To The Table
July 29: Tim Archer: Do Not Be Afraid
August 5: Paula Harrington: When Doubt Met Divine

Jesus didn’t tell him to believe more. He didn’t ask if he was a church member. He didn’t ask his views on doctrinal issues. He didn’t schedule a Bible study or have him recite the Sinner’s prayer. He didn’t sign him up for a Bible correspondence course or point him in the direction of the nearest synagogue. He didn’t ask the church to vote or pray. He didn’t call for a committee meeting. He didn’t consult the Greek text to make sure he really said what he just said. He just stopped what he was doing, listened to someone who was hurting and got involved in their lives. And he calls us to do the same thing. Even if we don’t have all the answers. Even if we face days of doubt. Even if we’re broken and hurting and tired. Even if all seems lost. Believe. Follow. Make a difference.

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