No more speaking up for evil

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAOK, I want to go back to a recurring theme on this blog, the idea of speaking to the political system from outside the system. I admittedly wrestle with terminology a bit, for I tend to think of politics in terms of partisan struggles, while others think that anything affecting the public (the polis) is politics.

What I’m talking about is Christians refusing to align themselves with human groups, be they liberal or conservative, Republican or Democratic. At some point, those groups begin to exist with the aim of winning elections and guaranteeing their continued existence. Ideas begin to be judged more in terms of practicality, feasibility, and electability, rather than in terms of right and wrong.

So we Christians speak out on the issues, but not with the same talking points that our non-Christian friends use. If your political views line up with a non-believer’s political views, your views probably aren’t Christian. It’s as simple as that.

One area where I’d like to see Christians take a firm stand these days is on the topic of life. We need to be pro-life, far beyond what those who merely oppose abortion are. We need to be anti-death. We need to stop saying, “Well, this form of killing is worse than that form of killing, so I’ll oppose it.” I read a Christian blogger who said that the conservatives are wrong for supporting overseas wars, while liberals are wrong for supporting abortion, but he’d support the conservatives because of “body count.”

No! When we choose the lesser of two evils, we are still choosing evil.

Let’s be known for saying, “I don’t care who gets elected. I don’t care if this idea has public palatability. I’m going to speak the truth.” Let’s be known as the people who won’t compromise their beliefs just to be able to identify themselves with a popular movement. Let’s be known as those who unwaveringly seek the truth. (imperfectly, yes, but relentlessly)

Let’s stand up for life. From womb to the tomb, as they say. We oppose abortion. We oppose war. We oppose humans causing the death of other humans.

Once we start speaking out against ALL killing, people will realize that we aren’t just another partisan voice in the political maelstrom. As long as we choose the lessor of evils, no one will believe that we are really speaking out for good.


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10 thoughts on “No more speaking up for evil

  1. Nick Gill

    But I’m not sure I oppose “humans causing the death of other humans” in all cases.

    I don’t know that I’d characterize myself as PRO-death penalty, either, but I do believe that the penalty for murder should be greater than losing your “going where you want” privileges.

  2. Tim Archer Post author


    I did start to point out that there are exceptions to the “no causing death” rule, just as we can probably think of some exceptional cases where we would justify abortion. (If my wife’s life is in danger, I would opt for the abortion) We just can’t focus on exceptions.

    As for the death penalty, I used to be for it. But as I’ve looked at how humans administer it, I can’t support it. There are too many imperfections in our legal system, and you get no “do overs” when a mistake is made in a capital punishment case.

    Grace and peace,

  3. Scott Elliott

    One of the greatest dangers concerning politics that I have noticed is how it affects people’s ethics. Most people do not realize this happening. They align themselves with one side or the other and before they know it they are allowing their allegiance to a particular party to shape their views of right and wrong. The issue of life is a good example of this. Neither party is pro-life, but as Christians we need to be.

    Thanks for another great article!

  4. Rafael G. Sustaita

    Do you mean “ideological or philosophical” groups rather than “human?” Your terminology is very difficult to follow. I’m having a difficult time staying with you as I read your posting.

  5. laymond

    Tim, as you know, I have an opinion on everything, I will keep this one to myself, it would take to long to explain. To many situations, and options. And all my conclusions come from scripture.

  6. laymond

    I see your discussion with AW got to you , but in my opinion he deffinatly has an extreme opinion on almost everything, no give in any of his beliefs, in his mind he is perfect in what he believes no room for improvement anywhere. And in my opinion he carries a big chip/cross from somewhere, I don’t know from where he aquired it, but it seems to be heavy.

  7. Vern

    Haven’t heard it before but hate to claim originality. I’ve been blessed to have been helped by Christians who are such. For those who don’t know “zoe” is the Greek word used in NT to designate the life referred to as “eternal” or as the “life of God.” It is a mercy to have one’s mind set on the things above and not on the things on earth. A lesson I’m still learning.

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