Passing The Torch: Lynn Anderson

When I was a freshman at Abilene Christian University, I began attending the Highland Church of Christ along with some friends of mine. Admittedly, I went more for the college program than the preaching. However, the preaching was outstanding. I was privileged to hear Lynn Anderson regularly for over 3 years. Then, while working on my master’s degree in Bible, I was fortunate enough to take a class with Lynn on Theology of Ministry. It was one of the best classes I had.

Lynn is wrestling with cancer at this point in his life. A video team from the Oak Hills Church went to his home a few weeks ago and filmed Lynn’s encouraging thoughts:

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  1. Rafael G. Sustaita

    Thanks, Tim. I attended Highland Church during the transition period from John Allen Chalk to Lynn Anderson. Both of these men had a definite impact on my life. Having recently gone through cancer myself, Lynn’s comments certainly serve to direct us closer to the true meaning of life in Christ and death as transitional episode as we draw closer to him who strengthens us everyday. Those were wonderful days working with Glenn Owen, Juan Antonio Monroy and many others especially the efforts of those who made La Busqueda possible.

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