Recent trip to Nicaragua

Preparing for a live broadcast on Radio Bautista in Managua

I do plan to get back to what I was discussing before (gender and worship), but I want to write about where I’ve been the last few weeks. At the end of last month, I traveled to Managua, Nicaragua. This was primarily a chance to produce some content for Herald of Truth, working with our representative in Central America, Bruno Valle. Bruno and I recorded dozens of videos in different locations. We also worked on the new format for my Lea La Biblia program and recorded audio for next year’s programs.

Bruno also arranged for me to do a workshop on radio production. This was presented at the Polytechnic University in Managua (Universidad Polit√©cnica de Nicaragua), in a beautiful chapel there on the campus. This was one of the few events that we’ve done where we charged an entrance fee; people understood that this was done to help offset the costs of renting the meeting space and providing refreshments for the group. We’ve also become increasingly aware that people respect a paid program in a way that they don’t a free one. When we set a reasonable price, no one seems to have a problem with it.

As I developed the content, I quickly switched from the idea of traditional radio to that of a podcast. Any of the attendees could immediately begin a podcast; few would have the chance to do radio.

The workshop was a success. Several of the people reported their plans to begin producing content, and one man has even shared some of his work with me. I hope to have the chance to do similar work in the future.

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