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I’ve been asked to give a class on the use of social media in missions. I’ve got lots of ideas, more than I would have time to share in one class period. However, I’m slowly learning that my cyber-friends are much wiser than I. So I’m appealing to you. Help me out with some thoughts on this topic. To make it easier, let’s keep it broad. Rather than focusing merely on missions, let’s think about non-profits in general and religious groups in particular.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on things like…

  • What are some non-profits that do an especially good job with social media?
  • Who are some individuals who excel in the use of social media?
  • How have you seen Facebook used effectively by religious groups or individuals?
  • How have you seen Twitter used effectively by religious groups or individuals?
  • How have you seen blogs used effectively by religious groups or individuals?
  • What about some of the other social media, like Google+, LinkedIn, etc.? How do you see them being used well?
  • What are some “best practices” that would span all social media?

Is that enough to get some thoughts rolling? Can you see how I’m not worried about having enough to talk about?

Thanks for any input you can give.

6 thoughts on “Social media & missions

  1. Adam Gonnerman

    I think Marc Tindall does a very effective job, simply because he updates regularly on Facebook. His friends and supporters of the mission in Honduras are kept “in the loop” on the work there on a daily or near-daily basis. His posts are direct, personal (not automated), frequent and often include pictures. Above all, he keeps even hardship positive somehow, demonstrating faith in God that is very encouraging. Goes to show a social media strategy doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive to be worthwhile.

  2. james

    hi, I’m interested to this topic as well. actually i have an assignment to make a paper about media as mission strategy. can you hlp me? thanks

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