Some readings on baptism

I haven’t had a chance to look at Everett Ferguson’s new book on baptism (all 900+ pages of it). But I have been doing some reading on the subject. Here’s a list of articles that should keep you busy for a while, should you be so inclined.

Stanley K. Fowler
Baptists and Churches of Christ: In Search of a Common Theology of Baptism : Differences over the meaning of baptism have traditionally separated members of the Baptist church and members of Churches of Christ. A Baptist theologian takes a new look at the issue.

Jack Cottrell
The History of Baptism, Pt. 1 : Cottrell examines the history of baptism, from New Testament times to the time of the Reformation
The History of Baptism, Pt. 2 : The influence of Zwingli in the rejection of the historical view of baptism

Jay Guin:
Born of Water

Baptism, Part 1
Baptism, Part 2
Baptism, Part 3
Baptism, Part 4
Baptism, Part 5
Baptism, Part 5.5
Baptism, Part 6
Baptism, Part 7
Baptism, Part 8
Baptism: How Football Explains Everything

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  1. Dan Smith

    Tim, thanks for sharing these with us. I was especially taken with the Fowler piece. I plan to share it with a few of my readers. God bless.

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