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Studying the Bible until it hurts

When comparing ancient manuscripts of the Bible and trying to reconcile the differences between those manuscripts, one rule of thumb is that the hardest reading is often the original one. That is, one can see why a scribe would “correct” … Continue reading

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The innovation that is the printed Bible

There was an article that made the rounds the last few weeks, talking about the importance of preachers carrying a traditionally-bound Bible into the pulpit instead of using an electronic version. Several of the arguments centered around the need for … Continue reading

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Frameworks and outcomes in Bible study

I’m not sure that I know how to build off of yesterday’s post and explain what’s going through my mind. I’ll try. When we go out to teach people about the Bible, we are also teaching them a philosophical approach … Continue reading

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Basic Bible study principles

So what would be the basic concepts you would want to teach someone about Bible study? Let’s say that someone who has been a Christian a year or so comes and says, “I want to learn to study the Bible … Continue reading

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Theology is practical

Guy made an important point in the comments yesterday, when he noted: These kinds of lessons can give the impression that basic Christian doctrine just has no connection with real life–the incarnation, resurrection, ascension–these are just oddities that have nothing … Continue reading

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