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A week of thankfulness: Church heritage

I was raised in the church of Christ (big C, little C). And I’m thankful. I’ve gone from “Hebrew of Hebrews” to cynical college student to one who has made his faith his own. I’ve seen the good, I’ve seen … Continue reading

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What do we do with Christmas?

I grew up in a Church of Christ. But it wasn’t one of those churches of Christ. That is, it wasn’t until I got to college that I came to hear a lot of the traditional CofC arguments. Like opposition … Continue reading

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When mistruths go viral…

The story was making the rounds of the Internet. Probably still is. One of the latest versions carried the subject line “MUSLIMS ATTACK CHURCH OF CHRIST IN LUBBOCK.” That’s the kind of story that will get people’s attention. Images of … Continue reading

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First steps toward becoming a bilingual congregation

So how would a non-Hispanic church move toward becoming bilingual? Some would argue that the first step is to hire someone from Latin America, set aside an unused room in the building and let them go to work. I’m not … Continue reading

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What’s in a (church) name?

Those of you on Facebook may have noticed a new quiz going around: “How Church of Christ Are You?” Written tongue in cheek, it got me to thinking about the name we use on the sign in front of our … Continue reading

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