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Our Problem: We Don’t See People Anymore

“I see dead people” was the famous line from the movie The Sixth Sense. A young boy was sensitive enough to be able to see the unseen world of those who were no longer living. We need a bit of … Continue reading

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The church, modernity, and time

Using ideas from Paul Hiebert’s Transforming Worldviews, I looked last time at some general impacts that modernity had on the church. One specific area that Hiebert focused on is the emphasis on law and order. In the U.S., this shows … Continue reading

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Believing in the unseen

I’ve been looking over some of my notes from when I read Paul Hiebert’s Transforming Worldviews. It’s an excellent book about culture and how it affects our outreach to the world. Might be a bit academic if you don’t spend … Continue reading

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Culture: The Uninvited Guest

We’ve been talking about Scripture, Reason, Tradition, and Experience as they speak to us about religious matters. They form part of what is come to be known as the Wesleyan Quadrilateral. But as David noted last week, there’s another voice … Continue reading

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A Yoke Around My Neck

They say that neckties are making a comeback. Too bad, I say. I’m not a fan. I especially don’t like the way ties have been used in churches in developing nations. In many countries, the tie is seen as a … Continue reading

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