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Earth Day epiphany

Texas sunsetWe’re to love the earth. Not as an end to itself, but as something that God has made, something that reflects the glory of God.

As a Texan, it’s right to love Texas, to long to see the sunsets that stretch out for miles and miles. As a Coloradan, it’s right to love Colorado, to relish the sight of towering mountains and green forests. As a Floridian, the ocean should call to you. Arizonans should find peace in the desert colors.

Because God made it.

It’s right to love the place that you’re from. I have reservations, however, about loving the man-made systems connected with that place. I’m not saying that nothing that man does can glorify God, but if we’re not careful, they end up glorifying man, instead.

Thoughts that struck me on Earth Day. Does any of that make sense? Or am I on the wrong track?

Love what God did much more than what man has done.


photo from morguefile.com