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Law, grace, and pleasing God

I don’t believe that the New Testament contains a law similar to that found in the Old Testament. Obviously the form isn’t similar; just do some reading in Leviticus, and you’ll see that. I don’t think the intent is similar … Continue reading

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Sins of my past

I got a bit nostalgic the other day. Well, no, that’s not the right word. I got to thinking about the past the other day. And not the good things. Images and events came to mind that made me want … Continue reading

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The Bible wasn’t written to tell God what he has to do

As we continue talking about baptism (I’ll get back to Acts 2:38), there is something important that needs to be said. The Bible wasn’t written to tell God what he has to do. Whether it’s about salvation, end times, heaven/hell, … Continue reading

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Law and Grace, Faith and Works

Last week we were looking at some unhealthy attitudes toward the Old Testament (and the Gospels, along the way). But it’s not just about the attitudes toward that (huge) section of Scripture. It’s really about how we look at the … Continue reading

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Slippery slopes and fences

I’ve written before about the rabbinic principle of building a fence around the Torah. The idea is that one creates a barrier of rules around the Law to prevent the accidental breaking of the Law. According to some sources, Deuteronomy … Continue reading

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