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Guatemala trip and random travel thoughts

Just got back from a great weekend in Guatemala City. It was primarily a follow-up trip for Hope For Life (Herald of Truth) on campaign work done there last year and radio work that is ongoing. Bruno Valle and I spent most of our time with Roberto Alvarez, who has been our chief contact there the last few years. Roberto directs the Biblical Institute of Central America; his students were conducting a house-to-house campaign, and Bruno and I provided the preaching for the event. There were seven baptisms and two restorations.

A few random thoughts that have come up over the last few weeks:

  • Just finished reading Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. I’d recommend the book, primarily for understanding a bit more about Islam and the differences between the worldview of a shame culture vs that of a guilt culture.
  • I now read ebooks almost exclusively when traveling. I have a small iPad with the Kindle app on it; I keep it loaded with plenty of books. I like hard copies when home, but love ebooks when traveling.
  • When traveling, try to limit yourself to one carryon. That’s been my practice for years, and I’m constantly reminded of why it’s a good idea. I have what I call a half-rollerboardthat I can combine with a full-sized carryon for especially long trips. Unless I’m carrying something bulky or taking a lot of supplies somewhere, I don’t check a bag. For suggestions on how to reduce your travel load, check out OneBag.com
  • I love the lightweight hiking shirts made by Columbia. They do well in warm weather, plus you can wash and hang-dry them from one day to the next. I think they look much nicer than the fishing shirts a lot of guys wear. The model I’ve been wearing is Royce Peak II; I’m sure there are others that look as nice.

That’s it for now. Have a great day!

Guatemala trip

Just got back from a great trip to Guatemala, traveling on behalf of Hope For Life, a Herald of Truth ministry. Roberto Alvarez did a great job of organizing a campaign with five of the smaller congregations in the Guatemala City area.

With Roberto Alvarez at Radio Progreso

With Roberto Alvarez at Radio Progreso

Besides being a preacher and church planter, Roberto directs the BICA (Biblical Institute of Central America) school in Guatemala.

Some of the BICA students worked hard the week of the campaign going from house to house to invite people, talk to them about Jesus, and study with them.

Steve speaks to the BICA students while Roberto translates

Steve speaks to the BICA students

Roberto, Steve Ridgell, and I were on the radio each day at midday, inviting people to the conferences. During the week there were 20 baptisms and 10 restorations, which was very exciting for these small churches.

On Sunday we had a combined service with congregations from the Guatemala City area.

Part of the crowd at Centro Histórico

Part of the crowd at Centro Histórico

Over 500 people crammed into the Centro Histórico church building. Steve preached to the children and adolescents upstairs, while I spoke to the adults downstairs. There was another baptism that day.

All in all it was a great trip. I’m fortunate to get to do what I do.


Just got back from a trip to Guatemala. I had the privilege of participating in a campaign in Guatemala City that was sponsored by Hope For Life (ministry of Herald of Truth). I got to speak 3 evenings on the topic “New Year, New Life.”
Since August, the Lea La Biblia radio program that I do has been on the air twice daily, Monday through Friday, on Radio Progreso in Guatemala. Then this past week, students from the Biblical Institute of Central America canvassed the area, setting up Bible studies and inviting people to the campaign. Before we arrived, they had already baptized four people. (there were 9 baptisms in all)
The event itself was held at the church of Christ in Pinares del Norte, a neighborhood of Guatemala City. They have a beautiful building, ideal for hosting gatherings like that. And the Pinares church has a powerful music ministry, which really enhances everything they do. I’ll share a short video of their chorus rehearsing one evening for the next evening’s singing.

On Sunday morning, I also spoke for the Pinares church, while Steve Ridgell spoke to the church in Zone 1 (the historic downtown). In the afternoon on Sunday, Steve led a seminar for married couples while I translated for him.

Overall, it was a great trip. Steve Ridgell traveled with me from Abilene, and Rigoberto Vargas from Honduras joined us there. Our principal contact in Guatemala was Roberto Alvarez, who did a great job of setting everything up. (He and the chorus even had a wedding in another town on Saturday!)

As always, I’m grateful to get to do what I do.

Trip to Guatemala

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI spent this past weekend in Guatemala City, on a trip for Herald of Truth Ministries. It was my first time in Guatemala, and I was impressed with what I saw of the church there.

Steve Ridgell traveled with me. Rigoberto Vargas, who is Herald of Truth’s field representative in Central America, met us there. Our local contact is Roberto Alvarez, a local minister who is director of the BICA preacher training school in Guatemala.Roberto Alvarez, left; me in the center; Rigoberto Vargas, right

It was a great weekend. We visited radio stations on Friday, as well as the local Bible society. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn Saturday, Steve, Rigoberto and I spoke to the students at BICA, then Steve and I spoke to a married couples’ dinner that night at one of the churches. Steve preached Sunday morning at the downtown (Centro Histórico) church, while I was at the Pinares congregation. Then I spoke to the downtown group that evening.

Busy time. Got a lot done. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

To any who have given to support Herald of Truth, let me say “Thank you” for making this possible. It’s a blessing to me to be able to devote my time to ministry.