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Parties and temples

Just wanted to share a thought from a Bible study a few weeks ago. We were reading in John chapter 2. The chapter begins with Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding feast. Later he clears the money changers … Continue reading

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Assemblies that build us up, please God, and attract outsiders

I’ve been proposing several things about our church assemblies: The main focus of our assemblies shouldn’t be worship. In the same way, God shouldn’t be the exclusive focus of our worship assembly. If we are people whose very lives are … Continue reading

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Church assemblies should be about us

Doesn’t it sound strange to say that we should be focused on people when we come together? That’s not the way most of us learned Christianity. Why did we put on our Sunday best? To present ourselves before God. It … Continue reading

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How and when do Christians worship?

In talking about the focus of our assemblies, I suggested a three-pronged focus: God, the church, outsiders. My suggestion was that we dare not neglect any of the three. But can we even discuss focusing on humans in the same … Continue reading

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Edification or outreach?

A worship service is not an evangelistic event. Yet it is a place where the church interacts with outsiders and hopes that they respond favorably. So what sort of balance should a church strike between ministering to insiders and ministering … Continue reading

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