The Hawthorne Effect and evangelism

Have you heard of the Hawthorne Effect? It has to do with something that researchers noticed during a study back in the 1958 (conducted at the Hawthorne Works factory near Chicago). While studying the effects of lighting on productivity, the researchers realized that the participants had apparently increased their productivity because they realized they were being studied. Whether the lighting was increased or decreased, productivity went up.

At Herald of Truth, we see the same thing happen as churches begin talking about evangelism. It’s amazing how just thinking about reaching out to other people effects what is going on at a church. We believe that the training we offer increases that effect, but it’s nice to know that people can increase their effectiveness just by focusing on the people around them.

2 thoughts on “The Hawthorne Effect and evangelism

  1. Roger Moon

    I also have found the sane thing. I remember walking into the building for 800 member Kingsley Terrace Church of Christ in Indianapolis. Brother G.P. Holt was getting ready to preach. He pointed out this huge thermometer that filled a wall in the auditorium showing in red,the current number of baptisms and the top showed how many baptisms they wanted for the year! Intentional evangelism! We need more intentional evangelism in churches. There are many ways to practice intentional evangelism. I am not sure I have coined that phrase,but it communicates,right?

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