The motorist and the fortune teller

Not wanting to leave you without a bit of humor on this Friday (when everyone seems to be needing a bit these days), let me borrow a joke from Alan Smith, author of Thought For The Day. If you don’t receive his devotionals, they’re definitely worth getting. Just send a blank e-mail to .

And now for Friday’s borrowed joke:

While driving down the road, the motorist saw a roadside stand which had a fortuneteller sitting under an umbrella. She was just sitting there smiling and laughing.

The motorist passed on by and went a couple of miles on down the road. All of a sudden he spun his car around and sped back toward the fortuneteller.

As he got closer to the still laughing fortuneteller, he began to slow down. He pulled up next to the woman and jumped out of his car and suddenly began slapping and beating her. A policeman passing by screeched to a stop and wrestled the man to the ground. After cuffing the man, he stood him up and asked him, “What do you think you’re doing?”

After a moment the man replied:

“Well, I’ve always wanted to strike a happy medium.”

Photo by Clarita

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