The uncomplicated church in Cuba

The last few weeks I’ve shared a few thoughts about how complicated Cuba can be, both for outsiders and for residents.

I also need to say that the church is strong and alive in Cuba. Those who minister there face great challenges, yet their struggles to overcome those challenges have met with great rewards.

I do a weekly radio program for Herald of Truth that is heard in Cuba. We get more responses to that program than we do anywhere else in the world. The postal service asked Tony Fernandez, the Herald of Truth representative in Cuba, to be sure and pick up the mail every day; if not, the box would overflow!

New congregations are being planted right and left. People are accepting Christ in droves. There is a hunger for God that surpasses the physical hunger that many suffer. God is moving in the church in Cuba, and His people are doing great things.

I’m hoping that Christians from the States and other countries will have enough sense to stay out of the way of our Cuban brethren as they effectively minister in their situation. We’ve already had people come in and criticize this or criticize that. I’d rather see the doors to Cuba slam shut than have people go there creating division and confusion.

Pray for the church in Cuba and the residents of Cuba. People there don’t need capitalism. They don’t need democracy. They don’t need McDonald’s and Walmart. They don’t need any of the things politicians in other countries want to thrust on them.

They need Jesus Christ and the good news He brings.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33)

2 thoughts on “The uncomplicated church in Cuba

  1. Michael Summers

    Amen! I’m afraid some confuse Americanism with Christianity. We have syncretized elements of our own culture so thoroughly that we think they are essentials of faithful worship. May the people of the Way of Christ prosper in Cuba.

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