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The Struggle to Trust God with My Child’s Salvation

Take heart, Mom & Dad. Jesus is sovereign over your children’s salvation. And he faithfully goes after his lost sheep (Luke 15:4), whether they’re in the time-out corner of their preschool class or walking through cancer and chemotherapy. Our Father is more concerned with redeeming our children for his glory than we are.

Cultivate Dissent: Negativity Is Not All Bad

The “Authentic NO” is so helpful that leaders should actually cultivate dissent in order to elicit it. An authentic NO invites you to open up a conversation and explore the position. An authentic NO will reveal bad thinking, suggest a better approach, or point out that the organization is heading over a cliff.

The Top Mistakes I Make in Preaching

Maybe it’s because I’m naturally a pessimist, but the most natural way for me to figure out how I can grow as a preacher is to identify what mistakes I most commonly make and try to work on improving those, by God’s grace. For the purpose of self-evaluation and ‘fanning into flame’ the preaching gift that I have, I decided to list out the mistakes I most often make in sermon preparation and delivery.

How To Speak The Truth in Love

We’ve all done it. We’ve all blurted out harmful and harsh words that have cut someone or some group apart through rhetoric. In response we defend our failed speech by baptizing those words in the polluted waters of misrepresenting Paul’s intent regarding “speaking the truth in love.”

Don’t Mumble – Your Communication Tip of the Day (One Reason why Todd Bradley is not the CEO of HP)

This only takes a few minutes a day – if you stick to it! Print out your favorite poem, your favorite Psalm, your favorite song lyric, mark it up with a great big slash between words, and read it aloud one-word-at-a-time. Put your lips fully together in between each word to force yourself to practice saying each word fully, and then stopping (ask yourself – “Did I pronounce this word fully?”); then, and only then, do you read the next word. Read at least one selection once a day, one-word-at-a-time, for a month. At the end of the month, you have a shot at mumbling less. At the end of many months, you will be speaking much more clearly.

Why We Can’t Stop Eating Frosting From The Can

You know when you’re eating frosting straight out of the can and you’re thinking, “I don’t even really like this flavor,” but you keep on eating? (It’s a dark, but human, moment. We understand.) Well, now one study is offering an explanation for why. Compared to calorie-free foods, foods with calories in them hit the human brain with big effects, even if people don’t appear to consciously like the flavors all that much.

105-Year-Old’s Secret to Long Life: Bacon

The 105-year-old told a local news station that she eats bacon every single day and recommends copious amounts of the sizzling cured pork to anyone else who wants to live to see 100.

Houston braces for giant snail invasion

These invasive creatures have already been found by the thousands in Florida. The USDA warns that, in addition to carrying diseases, they’re the “most damaging snails in the world because they consume at least 500 different types of plants [and] can cause structural damage to plaster and stucco.”

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