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churchinoutThe majority of America’s churches face stagnant or declining membership numbers and are uncertain as to how to reverse that trend. Church Inside Out offers an approach to community evangelism that doesn’t call for a compromise in terms of doctrine nor major investments in terms of staff or facilities. It is a how-to guide for the congregation that wants to increase its impact on the community around it.

This book can also be taught as a part of the church’s small group ministry. A companion Church Inside Out Workbook is available for each group member.

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Letters from the Lamb takes the first-century message from the letters of Revelation and makes it intelligible to the twenty-first century reader.

Using information gleaned from archaeology, historical writings and careful examination of the biblical text, Timothy Archer helps the reader see the letters through first-century eyes.

Steve Ridgell then takes that ancient message and makes it pertinent to the modern reader, letting the words of Jesus come alive for today’s world.

This book may be ordered from the Herald of Truth website.

Published in 2011, Hope For Life consists of articles originally written for Heartlight Magazine. Most of the articles were also published on the Hope For Life web site.

These short articles, many of them written with non-Christians in mind, are divided into 6 sections:

  • Hope
  • Forgiveness
  • Salvation
  • Responding to God
  • Living in Christ
  • Christian community

This book is currently out of print.

MHfL coverReleased in 2013, More Hope For Life contains articles that were originally published on the Heartlight Magazine web site. Most of them also appeared on our Hope For Life web site. The compilation makes it easier to present the articles to someone who is looking for hope.

The book has six sections:

  • Our Father In Heaven
  • Jesus, Our Hope
  • Walking In His Steps
  • The Contented Life
  • When Life Tumbles In
  • Life Without End

This book is currently out of print.



Written in conjunction with Cuban preacher Tony Fernández, this brief history of the Churches of Christ in Cuba focuses on the work done by Juan Jiménez and Ernesto Estévez in establishing the church in Cuba, as well as the ongoing work done after the Cuban Revolution.

This book is available in English and in Spanish.

A History of Churches of Christ in Cuba may be ordered from the Herald of Truth website.