Too many eggs in Facebook’s basket?

Matt Dabbs writes an excellent blog called Kingdom Living. You can find it at He also is the editor of Wineskins, an online magazine. It’s at

Facebook has labeled both of the sites as promoters of spam. You cannot post a link from these sites on Facebook. I won’t speculate as to how this happened, though I will say the lack of communication with Matt on Facebook’s part is more than troubling.

We need to remember that Facebook is not ours. We don’t have an inherent right to be able to use Facebook. And we need to avoid over-reliance on a site that is completely beyond our control.

Younger generations are leaving Facebook in droves. We not-so-young ones are beginning to follow. From manipulated news to arbitrary censorship, the social media giant continues to fail us.

I find Facebook useful and will continue to use it. But I’m definitely not putting too many eggs in that basket.

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