Trying to duck the pendulum

I believe in male leadership in the church. And I believe the Bible allows for women to do more in our worship services than sit and observe.

Those two beliefs often put me at odds with people I love and respect. On one side, many feel that I’m an out-of-touch relic from days gone by, resisting the movement of the Spirit to abolish all gender-based distinctions. On the other side, many feel that I’m disregarding the plain teaching of Scripture, allowing culture to move me beyond what is written.

Personally, I feel that I’m ducking a pendulum swing. In the past, some in churches of Christ taught that women were inferior and incompetent of taking leading roles in the church. Rules were created as to what women could or couldn’t do in certain situations, rules based on interpretations of Scripture. As I read Scripture, I find some of those rules to be at odds with other passages and other interpretations.

It’s my belief that we’re going through a pendulum swing right now. As has happened on so many topics, I see Christians reacting to an overly restrictive interpretation by rejecting all hints of limitation. That’s not to say that everyone who has embraced a fully egalitarian outlook (dismissing all distinctions based on gender) are merely reacting to previous interpretations. It is to say that a perception of past abuse has made many extremely open to making a full break with that history.

What I see on both sides is a tendency to pick and choose biblical texts. While accusing the other side of using proof texts, each side produces their own select verses to make their case. While claiming that those that disagree are ignoring biblical examples, each carefully presents the stories that support their interpretation while downplaying those that would suggest something different.

I’m not claiming to be exempt from those faults. I am calling for charity from all involved. I’ve decided to take another look at this issue, despite an admitted weariness of the subject. For now, I’m going to post links to articles I’ve written in the past. That should give you enough fodder for any attacks you’d like to make on my person. If you can’t resist such attacks, fire away. I’ll be hurt, but I also know that in the end I only have to answer to One. If you can hold off, however, we all just might learn something.

Here are links to some of what I’ve written in the past:
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OK. So spend some time reading all that, then we’ll get on with this discussion. :-)

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