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Armed with the Weapon of Peace

It starts with you and I. Like the twelve and the seventy, we are being sent by the Prince of Peace to be agents of change not just hoping for its resolution, but carrying a version of it that is already alive and currently all too buried. We may not find peace in the world, but the world can find Peace in us. Peace isn’t just the answer I’m looking for, it’s the tool I must learn to live, and give. I don’t just pray for peace anymore. I pray that I will be that peace that the world, and myself, is looking for.

Justice Pursued Ceaselessly

This passage also gives me hope when it comes to immigration reform! Jesus tells us that our prayers and belief must be like those of the widow, who continued presenting her case before the judge day after day, which leads me to believe that she had hope that she would eventually be successful. Jesus explicitly tells us that when it comes to prayers for justice, we too will be successful. Furthermore, He adds an adjective that should give Christians even more hope and incentive: “quickly.” Jesus says that God will definitely grant justice, and that He will do so quickly. Therefore, Christians who are praying and working for justice should be encouraged to continue being persistent, because we are assured that God will grant justice in a timely fashion.

Misconceptions of a Godly Woman

Oh, how my soul longed to have sat in a class as a college freshman and heard a woman open up about THAT! To have a woman stand before me, vulnerable about her overwhelming fears and unworthiness, but speak of God’s immeasurable strength available to us in spite of it!
And so, if I could teach a class on christian womanhood – and if all of you reading were my exceptionally lovely students! – I would tell you that the most breathtaking picture of ‘christian womanhood’ is not merely sweet, modest, well-spoken, domestic goddesses, but the woman who’s strength and unshakeable faith, lifts up all those around her, despite the circumstance or ‘winter’ she has found herself in. (Prov. 31:21)

Two Grids Every Church Pastor / Planter / Missionary Must Use: Theological Grid

I understand that desire (or the temptation) to reach people and then worry about teaching and discipleship down the road, but a church leaders must think long term from a Kingdom perspective. Theologically, church leaders have to recognize that they, like all other believers, have been called to make lifelong disciples of Jesus, not temporary converts.

Time to Wake Up!

What if we did know exactly the signs, dates, and time of the return of Jesus Christ? What would we do? I think most people would ‘eat, drink, and be merry’ … until the day before THAT DAY. I might go buy a Jaguar on credit, knowing I wouldn’t actually have to pay for it! I can see a reason behind keeping that day a secret.
The reason is that the Christian life is not JUST about being ready for that day, it is about being alert, awake, and alive to the power of Christ in us … and helping other people get ready for that day.

Man seeks owner of Emmy award found in trash

Ismael Cekic said he found the golden statuette in a box full of trash in front of a home in his Brooklyn neighborhood and he did not realize what it was until he saw the Emmy Awards ceremony on TV, WCBS-TV, New York, reported Monday.

Freaky the Scary Snowman strikes fear in Boston

Freaky the Scary Snowman, the grimacing, evil soul with a carrot nose and an act made by pranksters has returned for his third year to frighten people on the streets of Boston. When you place a hat on the head of the scary snowman, he doesn’t dance; he startles people and occasionally passes wind.

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