Waiting on the Lord

Soldiers were coming to kill their babies. On a regular basis. The Israelites had suffered as slaves at the hands of the Egyptians for hundreds of years. None of them knew what freedom felt like. But this was much worse. Genocide.

Exodus chapters 1 and 2. Egyptians were killing Israelite babies. God’s people cried out to him and he heard their voice. He sent them a deliverer.

Eighty years later.

Eighty years. It was a crisis, an emergency situation. All human reasoning says that something had to be done at that moment. Divine reasoning agreed… and allowed the baby to be born that would bring about justice. Eighty years later.

But that’s the Old Testament, you say. Right you are. Let’s look at the book of Revelation. Christians were being persecuted. One had been killed. More were about to be killed. The people wanted to know what they should do: fight or flee.

God had a different plan: stay and suffer. And he would take care of the Romans. A couple of centuries later.

A couple of centuries later.

Human reasoning says, “Take care of it now. Bring about justice by your own hand. Something must be done immediately.”

Divine reasoning says, “I’ll take care of it. In my time.”

Do we have enough faith to wait on the Lord?

Drawing by Distant Shores Media/Sweet Publishing

3 thoughts on “Waiting on the Lord

  1. Wesley N Dawson

    As humans, we are an impatient lot. As Christians, we are to cultivate patience. At present, I am praying that the persecution that all the signs show on the horizen never materializes. If it does, I hope and pray that we are patient enough and united enough to wait on the Lord.

  2. Vern

    Actually The Lord needs us to be the same as He is/was in that situation. See Stephen in Acts 7. By the Lord’s salvation in life we can become the same as He. Outward deliverance appreciated but that doesn’t fulfill His purpose in an of itself. An inward transformational salvation in life is what is really needed.

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