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Tweet by Preacher John Piper After Oklahoma Tornado Meets Major Backlash

Preacher and author John Piper, best known as the leader of DesiringGod and author of many best-selling Christian books, has met criticism of Internet-sized proportions after a post on Twitter yesterday.

The Pentagon’s Problem With Proselytizing

Mr. Weinstein, whom the Associated Press once quoted as saying that a Christian-themed bumper sticker on an officer’s car or a Bible on an officer’s desk can amount to “pushing this fundamentalist version of Christianity on helpless subordinates,” wants the Pentagon to court-martial officers who proselytize.

The Violence of Peacemaking

We live in a culture that associates bravery and bravado with war making and violence. I would argue that creatively living into our vocation as everyday peacemakers not only requires more bravery and bravado, it requires faithfulness and trust in the Good News of Jesus in the most real and tangible ways. My friend, Lynne Hybels says that peacemaking is the most clear form of discipleship.

10 Myths of Abuse in the Church

In both personal and professional capacities, I have been aware of and affiliated with many churches and Christian organizations that have struggled with how to respond to acts of abuse committed by staff or community members. Church leaders struggle to balance private and public information, church rules and governmental policies and laws, and personal beliefs and facts. We live in a culture in which myths of abuse abound. As a mental health professional, I have observed that many myths of sexual abuse continue to stand in the way of love and healing for survivors of abuse and the community of faith.

The other person isn’t “always” wrong

Eventually we mature and move away from childish things. We discover others’ opinions and insights are worth our attention. In disagreeable matters they might be right. Or, we might be right.

Using What If Questions to Prepare International Travelers

It starts before ever leaving home. I’m actually not too worked up over whether people should spend vast amounts of time doing pre-departure training and orientation. It can certainly be helpful. But what’s most important is some thoughtful anticipation about the cross-cultural experience and how to learn from it.

Practically Speaking: Further Thoughts On Speaking the Truth in Love

If you want to be the kind of person who actually speaks the truth in love rather than the hot-head known for advocating your opinions, badgering others who disagree with you, and generally being a the kind of person all your friends secretly wish to block on Facebook, you might want to pay attention to the 5 ingredients necessary to speak the truth in love.

Crisis and Empathy at the Border

Since January 2010, 19 people have been killed by Border Patrol agents — six on Mexican soil. Excessive use of force by agents is of increasing concern. Facing minimal accountability, the Border Patrol’s culture of abuse and impunity has resulted in militarization of the border.

Bordering on the Truth

During Congress’ current debate about immigration reform, the realities faced by immigrants and border communities are all too often misunderstood and misrepresented. What are the facts about border issues?

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