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Pray for Peace that Trumps Tribe in Kenya

But is tribe too compelling for the transforming power of the gospel in Kenya? Many Christians were forced to re-examine their faiths. What did it really mean to be a Christian? Is allegiance to my tribe more important than allegiance to my local church? What role can the church play to ensure that 2013 will not resemble 2008? Are peace walks, peace placards, peace concerts, and peace conferences enough? Or is there more?

It’s Better To Be Faithful Than Gifted

If diligence and faithfulness are so important in the world, then let us disciples of Jesus be diligent to pursue him, use our gifts, and serve others.

How To Handle Your Critics

How do we handle critics? Well in reality, often with tears and anguish. Such is the point. If we choose not to quit (not to run), we will be forced to mature. One of God’s most valuable tools in his Network is that of the barking dogs.

The Six Best Words for any Relationship

But these six words are the most powerful words in the English language, and they need to be spoken often and meaningfully in any relationship: marriage, parent/child, employer/employee, friend/friend.

What pre-believers listen for in sermons

These observations make sense when we think of the audience. When we assume the audience are Bible believers with lots of Christian life experience we also assume they want to know what the Bible says and they’ll work to apply it. When we assume our audience are not believers we must assume they aren’t willing to give the Bible a pass on truth and credibility. So we connect first with life, then show how life as they experience it connects to the text.

Arminius and Open Theism

Historically, there are at least three positions in this discussion with Classic Arminianism holding the “middle ground.” (1) The Sovereignty of the Divine Decrees where God has decreed from eternity what will happen within human history (Reformed scholasticism); (2) The Sovereignty of Divine Engagement where God is active, or concurs, in every event within human history such that every event has divine purpose and meaning though without divine decrees determining what will happen within human history (classic Arminianism); and (3) The Sovereignty of the Divine Project where God, for the sake of the divine project risks the effects and meaning of human history in such a way that it is beyond divine management for the greater good but does not endanger God’s ultimate goal or project (open theism).

Astronauts Traveling To Mars Could Be Protected By a Poop Shield

The plan would be about as simple as it sounds: create an outside layer for the capsule where the people are, and fill it with feces. But poop isn’t the only effective radiation deflector. Food does a pretty good job too, and without actually becoming radioactive itself, so chances are it could be incorporated into the shielding too. Hopefully far away from the waste. Likewise, water can help too, both drinking water and the waste water it turns into.

Brooklyn man fakes his own kidnapping to explain two-week absence to girlfriend

A Brooklyn man faked his own kidnapping because he was terrified of his lover’s wrath.
Rahmell Pettway, 36, told cops he spent two weeks away from his Bedford-Stuyvesant home — and then staged the crime to explain his absence to his girlfriend.

The Top 13 Demotivators® Posters Of All Time

Meanwhile, back on Earth, dysfunction, nepotism and sometimes even outright exploitation remain the order of the day in most workplaces. It is for those of you earthbound realists and demoralized cynics that we created and Demotivators® demotivational posters in the first place.

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