What Christians DON’T have to say to a political world

Having looked in broad terms at the sort of things we are called to speak out about, what about the things we aren’t called to address? That is, when speaking as ambassadors of God, as representatives of the Kingdom of God, what issues just don’t fit?

We don’t seek our own personal good. That should be obvious, but it needs to be said. We can’t base our discourse on what benefits us personally. We don’t seek our rights, having been called to follow in the steps of Jesus, who gave up his rights. We don’t speak out for economic prosperity. We don’t advocate personal security. We don’t seek the opposite of those things, but issues of personal benefit do not shape our public speech.

While we pray for the peace and prosperity of our nation (and all nations), we don’t speak our for what is best for any nation of this world, be it the United States or be it China. That’s not our goal. That’s not what we’re here for. We speak as God’s ambassadors. We represent the good of his Kingdom, not that of any earthly nation.

Above all, we do not mold our message to meet political ends. The shameful example of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association should remind us all of that danger. We let our religious beliefs shape our political beliefs and not vice versa.

What else? Am I off base on any of this? Or have I left something out?

2 thoughts on “What Christians DON’T have to say to a political world

  1. heavenbound

    Why is it that religous leaders in this country line up with Republicans? Guys like Murdock and Aikin not only tarnesh the Republican party but they place such a moronic connotation on people that are religious that try to influence politics thru religious views. We are a free people, people that have a voice and have a choice. I for one am going to vote for our president. I am a Christian who votes my conscience not goose stepping with fellow Christians like Pat Robertson or T.V. evangelists who think the democrats are demons as they want people to believe. I truly believe in separation of church and state. These are examples of how ridiculous politics have become.
    Go back to prohibition and how the minority led the charge to outlaw liquor.
    Again trying to legislate morality or your own moral views on others with the thought that we know best…….We do don’t we?

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