What’s your sign?

It’s rubbish. Start with that and stick with it.

I’m talking about astrology. It’s amazing how many Christians admit that there’s nothing to divination, yet they know their sign of the zodiac and can describe the tendencies of that sign.

It’s rubbish. Don’t forget that.

I find horoscopes to be laughingly bad, yet I also hesitate to laugh. The Bible never says that fortune telling, witchcraft, and the like don’t work; the Bible says we aren’t to have anything to do with them.

What’s my sign? The sign of the cross. I say that jokingly, yet seriously. I don’t play with horoscopes. I don’t read fortune cookies. I’m not interested in those things.

I believe there are spiritual realities in this world that go beyond what we can see. And I think that those “innocent” forms of divination have connections with those realities. (Just to remind you how strange I am, I also believe that the nations of this world also have spiritual connections; that’s why I refuse to vote in national elections and won’t pledge allegiance to any earthly kingdom)

As has oft been said, rather than looking to the stars for direction, I look to the One who made the stars.

As for astrology… it’s rubbish. Through and through.

2 thoughts on “What’s your sign?

  1. Charles

    Horoscopes and fortune telling create false hopes, and as Christians we need to avoid those.

    Interesting that you chose a Hindu illustration of a mythical cosmology, which has some similarities to the Hebrew mythical cosmology. Now Paul makes it pretty clear that we are supposed to have nothing to do with Jewish myths, but much of our brotherhood is deeply caught up in such myths, even to the point of turning belief in Jewish myths into salvation issues.

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