Why I Can’t Support The Left

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In the United States, when talking about politics, the Left refers to liberal views. The Democratic Party is considered the party of the Left.

There are parts of the Leftists’ message that resonate with me. Concern for the poor. Concern for the environment. Opposition to most forms of violence.

So why can’t I support the Left? Here are some reasons:

  • Abortion. Yes, that has to top the list. I don’t believe in one-issue politics, so I won’t say that the list begins and ends there. But it’s a major issue. Beyond the legislative questions, I’m troubled by the emphasis on a mother’s rights versus those of her child. I’m troubled by the effort to completely remove questions of morality from sexuality and reproduction. Christians are to speak up for the weak and powerless; none fit that category better than the unborn. We should also speak up for life over death.
  • Emphasis on government as solution. There was a time when the family was expected to take care of most needs. What couldn’t be dealt with by the individual family was handled by the church family. The Left tends to replace the family and the church with the government when discussing social problems.
  • Antagonism toward public expression of religion. As a Christian, I can’t support the idea that faith is merely a personal matter to be practiced in the privacy of one’s home. The Left has done more to limit religious expression than it has done to promote it; I can’t stand with them on that.
  • Support for the Gay Movement. The Left has unquestionably accepted homosexuality and has often pressured Christians to do the same. I do not favor the mistreatment of homosexuals any more than I favor the mistreatment of those that commit other sins. But as a Christian I will not whitewash immorality in any form, including homosexuality.

There are other issues. These are just some major ones that stand out for me.

Does that mean I support the Right? Far from it. Please read the companion post: Why I Can’t Support the Right

And no, I don’t believe in choosing the lesser of two evils. You still end up choosing an evil. That’s not for me.

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  2. Mark Edge


    Your views on why you cannot accept the left or right are well stated. Thanks for an excellent take on our political culture.


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